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When it comes about Chiloe Island, a kind of magical atmosphere come to us and our wanderlust imagines so many different things: A sense of fresh smells come to our minds or could be the idea of a flavor, maybe it’s the image of a centenarian wooden church, or it may be the sensation to walk inside an old forest… But we cannot explain to you about those things; you’ll need to come and feel it by yourself…Take a look at our programs & trips and let us guide you through this experience!



We propose to combine nature and cultural heritage in each of our trips, and to achieve this we offer varied, flexible & unique private excursions along with boutique-style advice to make the most of your stay at the island.
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The silence of the bicycle allows us to be part of the nature around us. We encourage this encounter between you and all these nature by offering both full-days biking-trips and cycling programs along Chiloé and Chile.
We invite you to discover which of them is the perfect experience for you!




Travel and learning about the cultural and natural heritage of the archipelago is the essence of our service proposal, and because of that, we’ve designed versatile programs that will allow you to find the perfect option that will make your trip through Chiloé that unforgettable experience.



Are you looking for that unique and incredible experience? then tell us about your interests and let us help you, so you can experience exactly what you have in mind


Immerse yourself into the nature and culture of Chiloé Island.

Hiking, cycling, kayak, daily trips & programs at the “deepest Chiloé”