About us


At Chiloétnico we’re seeking to offer unique travel experiences to those who choose us, that’s why we develop the Active Cultural Tourism concept, in a way to offer a cultural experience in a fun and challenging way by the design and operation of cycling, hiking, kayak and nature trips & programs inside and outside Chiloé Island since 2007.  We’re not looking for massive noisy tourism instead our bet is for small groups with local guides & local suppliers from rural/indigenous communities, in order to create travel experiences that give real knowledge about Chile and help to contribute to the local development and circular economy.

We invite you to explore with us, guided for a committed team in order to give you the best quality experience in a sustainable way.

Chiloétnico is a company registered at the Chilean Bureau of Tourism with the          Lic.  Nr. 667-668-669-66670 and member of Chilean Tourism Network and Chiloe’s local guide association.